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“Sports Harbour”






1 - Geography map - scale 1.5000

2 - Nynäshams, 55x36 cm

3 - Model and reference

4 - Plan and diagram of the function - scale 1:500

5 - Aerial view

6 - Plug-in mini structure - scale 1:200

7 - 8 - 9 -10 - 11 - 12 - Views day and night





Nynäshams Kommun


Nynäshams - Sweden


Francesco Di Gregorio & Karin Matz





Masterplan for a Sport / activity field in the municipality of Nynäshams

Emptiness; the territory of the site in Nynäshamn is affected by the power of its emptiness.

Our approach to the project has been to study and discover this throughout time and exploration; being in the territory, reading the

ground, understanding the morphology, reading the infrastructure and synthesizing all the “elements” into a new possible territorial

system. Here we present a first step of a long research.

We want to create a flexible activity-field with a variation of activities that can attract many types of visitors. The site which today

feels leftover is reactivated into a new harbour of interaction and life where the functions are on the ground and the infrastructures

are the elements that become new references.

The place has lead us to work on 3 concepts emptiness, ground and infrastructure translated this into 3 strategical points:

1. In order to tie together the area and at the same time emphasize its void we propose one uniform surface. Instead of

multiple walkways and bicycle paths we create one giant path made out of rubber tarmac. The soft surface will make the

visitor automatically move differently and experience the area as something else then a normal pedestrian road. The only

connection we accentuate is Estögången which we make out of the same material only in a different color.

2. We introduce activities on and in the new carpet. Some activities are cut into the carpet creating small islands of sport

or leisure; other ones are painted directly on the surface in a white color. We have proposed activities that we think are

appropriate but the idea is that the field would change and be build gradually based on need of the municipality.

3. We introduce small flexible multifunctional structures. These small creatures work as lighting, they house functions

needed on the site, they allow other small temporary structures to plug-in themselves and they give a clear character to

the area. From these creatures air-inflatable structures are also attached in order to have more activities also in the winter.

Our vision for the area is that in the activity field will be a place which people go to because they know that there is always something to

do or to watch there. One year it houses the best summer bar in the city and following winter it has the only indoor playground...there is

always something going on

The whole empty becomes full without loosing its empty.